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The Dataperium communication server is used to configure, implement, operate and monitor interfaces between different software systems.

Basic idea

The classical and at first simplest way of connecting interfaces of two subsystems is to create a more or less amorphous special programme. But at the latest when problems occur and the data traffic has to be monitored, or when several subsystems have to be coupled, this approach quickly becomes confusing.

The idea of Dataperium is to break down the problem of data transmission into small sub-aspects and to implement them in these sub-aspects. In this way, it is possible to use ready-made modules, which only need to be configured to suit local requirements.

In Dataperium such modules are called "linklets".

Linkline and Link

A chain of linklets is called a "linkline". Several linklines are combined in a "link". Exactly one such link should be assigned to each subsystem. This makes it easy to start, stop and monitor the connection to a subsystem via this link. Normally, there are two linklines "in" and "out" within a link, via which messages are processed on separate paths from and to the subsystem.

More Information

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