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mobiTOUCH – Hardware

Hardware and operating systems – Integration into existing IT infrastructures

We support our customers in the integration of hardware into existing IT infrastructures and the commissioning of the radio network by defining the functional specification based on the commercial and technical requirements, as well as on-site training and consulting.

We ensure a stable and secure WiFi through professional radio coverage. At the customer's request, we procure high-quality barcode labels and consumables.


Requirements for the server environment:

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10, 11 or Windows Server 2019, 2022
  • Processor: Compatible with Intel x64
  • Memory: at least 8 GB
  • Storage: at least 150 GB

See also Detailed System Requirements.



Requirements for the client environment:

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10, 11 or Windows Server 2019, 2022
  • Processor: Compatible with Intel x86 or x64 about ca. 2.0 GHz or more


Requirements for the MDE environment:

  • Device type: Handheld, industrial PDA, vehicle computer and industrial computer, Bluetooth RFID and barcode reader
  • Operating system: Android (8.0 or newer)

Terminals and printers for every application and environment

Handheld computers

Handheld computers impress with their flexibility and robustness and are tough. They can withstand several falls from from up to 2 metres onto concrete. Shocks and vibrations cannot harm the mobile devices. They comply with the protection class up to IP67 and are protected from dust and splash water with their robust construction.

The handheld computers adapt to the respective environment with their intuitive operation, are equipped with various operating systems and are freely programmable. and are freely programmable. Extensions with various scanner and imager variants and radio modules are possible.

Image: Psion Motorola Omnii XT 15 – More through modularity.


Vehicle computers

Vehicle computers are compact and suitable for the harshest warehouse and logistics environments due to their high robustness. Real-time dialogue, material bookings, stock checks, instructions and assistance are enabled directly on the vehicle. The rugged terminals are equipped with different keyboard variants and large displays and can be attached to the truck.

Image: DLOG PWS-770 – vehicle computer with XGA display 26.4 cm (10.4").


Bluetooth barcode and RFID readers

The barcode and RFID readers equipped with sophisticated Bluetooth technology are particularly used in warehouses, logistics, maintenance, service and retail to track and monitor deliveries.

Image: Baracoda Ingenico orKan – With display and RFID HF 13.56 MHz.


Mobile and stationary printers

Stationary, portable and mobile label and receipt printers support companies in industry, transport, logistics and trade in automatic product identification and efficient processes. with automatic product identification and efficient processes.

Image: The Datamax-O'Neil RL series (left) – Rugged, mobile label printers. The GZ series from SATO (right) – Speed and endurance for logistics and manufacturing.

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