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mobiTOUCH – Method of Operation

Material flow for manufacturing and intralogistics processes

Users determine the workflows with mobiTOUCH

mobiTOUCH maps a large part of the operational logistics and manufacturing processes in one application, thus simplifying IT integration into internal processes. The mobiTOUCH system is the sophisticated tool to shorten transport and response times – and ensures fast and transparent access to all information in the process steps of the internal transport chains.

As a sub-system, mobiTOUCH can be integrated into a higher-level system or works as a standalone system with all its components to ensure seamless in-plant material logistics. Interfaces to common ERP and MES systems ensure real-time information exchange.

Flexibly map storage location structure and topology

Quick adaptation to changed processes

mobiTOUCH quickly implements necessary adjustments to the storage bin structure in the intralogistics process, including

  • new storage locations, areas, aisles, places
  • new islands, machines and parking spaces
  • new routes for transport trains
  • new transfer points for automatic conveying equipment and
  • hierarchical replenishment systems (e.g. according to the waterfall method).

From a variety of methods for the generation of transport orders as well as their processing methods are chosen and the control for the respectively required material flow is precisely mapped.


  • Handling unit and batch FIFO
  • Reserve from production or for shipment
  • handle replacement items
  • Support rush requirements
  • Consider alternative packaging methods
  • Automatically generate packing and repacking orders as needed
  • Consider minimum lay times between transports

Actual information on the article, available quantities, storage location allocations and the batch can be called up at any time via mobile (MT MDE) and desktop (MT CLIENT), so that bottlenecks can be detected at an early stage and the structures can be adaptively adjusted.

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