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Increase productivity through unified ergonomics approach

The MT CLIENT is the central user frontend for all mobiTOUCH applications and is based on a unified ergonomics approach, which ensures high productivity.

With a targeted design and a multitude of ready-made functions, it succeeds in reducing the processing times of work steps and providing a high degree of user friendliness. and achieve a high level of user acceptance. The mobiTOUCH desktop applications ensure consistent yet flexible operation and a customer-, role- and user-centric design with intuitive tools, such as:

  • Customised designs to display the data required for the specialist department.
  • Definition of combination views from different tables and databases.
  • View combinations, such as hierarchy view, parent-detail/child-list view.
  • Bookmarks within the application.
  • Configurable navigations.
  • Saved search settings and multi-level searches.
  • Coupling searches with a cockpit interval or schedule.
  • Quick start options.

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