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Pick-by-Light in no time

The MT ESL module enables the connection of so-called Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) to mobiTOUCH. In this way, for example, frequently changing information at storage locations (including images) without having to constantly print new labels. The new information is sent to the labels and displayed almost in real time. The change can be made both via the desktop application MTCLI desktop application or via the MTMDE mobile scanner application.

Furthermore, the labels have LED lights that can be directly addressed by mobiTOUCH. This enables e.g. scanner-supported pick-by-light control through the direct connection to the MTMDE.

On the hardware level, SPF GmbH works together with the company SES-imagotag for this purpose. As the world's leading supplier of ESL and SES-imagotag focuses on continuous innovation and develops solutions that not only reinvent the retail and other and other industries, but at the same time adapt to the customer as precisely as possible to ensure that your requirements are met to a high standard.

SES-imagotag offers a radio communication platform, the MultiCom infrastructure (ESL, WiFi, NFC, BLE), which is compatible with all display technologies (LCD, TFT, E-Paper).

This truly groundbreaking all-in-one solution is perfect if you need a simple solution to manage and control control of your WiFi and electronic label services.

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