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Detailed overview of all process flows in real time

MT GANTT provides a detailed overview of the planning processes in real time: goods receipt, production, dispatch, orders, delivery situation and projects.

The processes can be planned down to the minute and displayed in complex planning scenarios. The interdependencies are taken into account, such as

  • Machine capacities
  • Supply control
  • Production times
  • Predecessor and successor relations
  • Lot formation
  • Summary of tasks (Raffen)

MT GANTT consolidates all task-relevant data and presents them clearly in a Gantt chart. These overviews help to plan the work that needs to be done to achieve the project goals. Users can see in a differentiated way how far a particular process has progressed. All process steps are variably sorted, filtered and saved. Stepless scaling enables user-oriented detailing at any time, for example for

  • Planning sequences
  • Machine status
  • Order progress
  • Machine utilisation
  • Order deadlines

With a sophisticated calendar system for customers, suppliers, departments, employees, machines, maintenance work and holidays, statements on delivery reliability, on-time delivery and availability are much easier. Planning information in combination with appointments can be exported as a read-only version or interactively into various calendar systems. Users then have access to their appointments in real time and from any location via smart phone and tablet PC.

Suppliers or customers can directly view, for example: "Your delivery dates at MINE GmbH" or "Our deliveries to YOUR GmbH".


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